About Don Signals

Natural disasters are called natural disasters for a reason- they will always occur. There is almost nothing we can do to make them not happen hence our best strategy is to be very prepared for them.  They include earthquakes, flood, drought, hurricane, epidemics of diseases and wars. Over the last 30 years, hunger due to natural disasters has tripled while recovery from effects of natural disasters leave millions in despair and internally displaced persons have become nothing but political football to be played by one administration after the other. 

According to Howard Ruff “It wasn‛t raining when Noah built the ark”. The greatest impediment to surviving the painful aftermath of natural disasters is simply lack of preparation. While most advanced nations are doing a good job at this albeit with room for more, the developing nations are a far cry from having any organized and pragmatic response to natural disasters. From the drought in the horn of Africa to the Tsunamis of Asia, the IDPs in South Sudan and Nigeria as well as countless other victims across the world, lack of readiness is prevalent across the board with response slow and ineffective at best.

Don Signals helps nations in the world with preparation for all forms of natural disasters as well as its aftermath. We begin from calculated monitoring of impending risks with reports released regularly as well as actual response when the event does occur so that the lives of people especially women and children are safe.